Dock Claim Deduction Demo

This demo is an example of how claim deduction, facial recognition and verifiable credentials can be used to cryptographically verify a subjects age for the purchase of age restricted items, removing the need for a human "in the loop".

This virtual vending machine takes a verifiable presentation, which contains an image of the subject’s face. When the VP is uploaded, the vending machine will use your device’s camera to verify that you are the person referred to by the credential.

To try for yourself, issue your own credential below and download it. Next, click the “Buy” button in the bottom left corner and upload your presentation when ready. If your face matches the picture in your credential, the machine will dispense a drink!

You can read more about the technical details of this demo in the GitHub repository.

Icons Vectors by Vecteezy

Issue your own credential

This demo will accept credentials issued by you as the private key is stored on this page. Upload or take a clear picture of yourself to download your own credential for verification. Once downloaded, click the “Buy” button to test the demo.

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Issue using webcam